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Marketing Manager

1. Integrate media resources, and implement overall tone of advertising campaign, including ad serving and column promotion, for company and agent brands.
2. Formulate the overall plan for product planning, specify the overall spirit of product planning, and confirm image positioning of products.
3. Prepare the advertising campaign, accomplish advertising bidding, negotiation and launch, control the promotion expenses, and make the relevant report.
4.Contact with relevant organizations, and coordinate the work between departments.
1. Bachelor degree or above; +5 years hand on working experience; +2 years hand on managing experience.
2. Have experience of planning large scale projects or participating in a whole project plan creation; have heightened awareness on e-commerce industry; have related human resources network.
3. Be capable of positioning overall operation, proposing creative ideas and planning project independently; be good at writing expressing and communicating.

Operator for Tmall Global

1. Operate stores on Tmall Global, specify the target and position of stores, formulate and implement the operating plan, and be responsible for the results.
2. Carry out plan, implementation and summary according to the rhythm of platform operation.
3. Analyze the results of daily operating, find out hidden problems and try to solve them.
4. Manage goods kept in stock, and deal with commodities in short supply timely.
5. Put forward potential goods, in favor of development of company.
1. Bachelor degree or above; have strong ability of understanding and learning.
2. +1 years hand on about Tmall Global operating experience, be familiar with rules of Tmall Global operating.
3. Be good at communicating and implementing; have strong team-work spirit, responsibility and creative work attitude.
4. Being interested in beauty, skin care and health care is better.

Brand Manager

1. Connect with overseas brands, and be responsible for balanced management of supply and demand of goods.
2. Connect with departments within company, and make out data statistics and analysis about goods before, among and after ordering.
3. Make out data statistics and analysis about launch results, sales and stocking of brand goods.
4. Count, check and analyze the costs, prices and profits of brand goods.
5. Connect with brands about marketing and promoting in domestic market, and present the relevant results to brands.
1. First Tier Bachelor degree or above; be good at English or Japanese, especially at speaking.
2. Being interested in beauty, skin care and health care, and having related working experience are better.
3. Be responsible, logical and sensitive about data.
4. Be creative and good at communicating; be eager for learning.
5. Be capable of dealing with statistics by EXCEL.

Marketing Planner

1. Make out the marketing and promoting plan for brands, and follow up and adjust implementation in real time.
2. Accomplish market research, product and competitive products analysis of co-brands independently.
3. Formulate marketing strategies at all stages for co-brands, and promote the implementation of marketing strategies.
4. Summarize consumer psychology, dig out supporting point of brands, and put forward relevant marketing plan.
5. Make out investment inviting plan, and marketing and promoting plan, and accomplish brand investment with BD.
6. make out creative ideas, summary report and project proposal for Tmall Global.
1. Bachelor degree or above in Marketing/AD; +1 years hand on working experience; having case planning experience in AD company is preferred.
2. Be creative and sensitive, have strong planning ability, vision for marketing, cultural awareness and writing skills.
3. have strong team-work spirit, responsibility and good execution.